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The potential of pain

It is amazing to think about the complexity of the human body and its capability to give us warning signs that something is wrong. Our body sends us pain messages in many different shapes and forms. Often this feels very inconvenient and we might choose to avoid them because we or society we live in have set up a different set of priorities. This is equally true of emotional or relationship pain and we can choose from a range of possible responses to it. Some of our responses might be automatic or ingrained. Here are some of the possible responses we can take to emotional pain;

1/ Denial or avoidance. This may or may not be a useful survival strategy that helps us carry on.

2/ Blame We can blame other people, circumstances, God, or a lack of...

3/ Retaliation This is another possible response which may be appropriate for a time or help us cope short term, however retaliation doesn't usually help us to grow or develop as a person.

4/ Inspiration If we take emotional or physical pain as a message from ourself to ourself what might it be trying to tell us? What is the pain inspiring me to do, to have or to become?

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