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Where are you in your thoughts today?

Have you ever stopped to think about why circumstances and situations with others can affect some of us so deeply (and painfully) yet other people seem to skip through life relatively unscathed and apparently have countless wonderful things constantly happen to them? Our brain has an amazing ability to take hold of our experiences and come to particular conclusions about us and other people. Very often our past experiences of relationships profoundly influence the kind of conclusions we come to in present interactions with others and with ourself (our own thought life). Current neuroscience research indicates that past experiences of relationship can also affect the physical development of different areas of the brain as well as our biochemistry - which directly influences our mental as well as physical wellbeing. This could all sound like pretty bad news except that science has also discovered that our brain and body chemistry hold far more potential for change, through the entire human lifespan, than was previously thought. Talking therapies (counselling and psychotherapy) have been identified as key to re-wiring the brain and re-setting the nervous system. A large part of this is due to coming to know ourselves within a warm and accepting relationship which challenges some of the previous conclusions we have drawn about ourselves and others.

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